District Advisory Council (DAC)

District Advisory Council

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All meetings are on Wednesdays and will be held in
Board Room 2 from 10:30 am until noon.
Agenda Notes Handouts
October 30, 2013 Click Here
  1.  DAC End of Year Survey Results
  2. Common Core State Standards Implementation Update – (CCSS Spending Plan)
  3. Local Control Funding Formula (Business Services/LCFF Community Survey)
  4. Student Calendars 13.14 and Draft 14.15
  5. High School Facilities Master Planning (Community Group Schedule)
  6. Calendar of DAC Meetings 13.14
January 29, 2014 Click Here
  1. Traveling Board Meetings 
  2. 2013-14 LCFF Supplemental Allocation Board Presentation 
  3. Student Calendars 
  4. LCFF Surveys
Click Here
  1. OUSD 2nd Interim Budget Report
  2. Local Control and Accountability Plan Update
  3. Summary Report - Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) Community Survey
  4. Pillar of 21st Century Learning Skills – Ensuring College and Career Readiness
  5. Common Core Connection Newsletter
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