Local Control Accountability Plan

OUSD iSchool
(Credit Recovery)

OUSD iSchool (Credit Recovery)
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iSchool Student Success Plan (PDF)
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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the website for iSchool?

ple.platoweb.com  <--- Bookmark it :-)

How do I log in to iSchool?

-- Account login: OUSD2
-- Plato Name: Student ID#
-- Password: Your birth date

What if I’m enrolled in the WRONG class?
It is your responsibility to make sure you’re enrolled in the correct course.  Contact your iSchool instructor ASAP. If you complete the work for the wrong class, you will not earn credit!
How do I check my progress in Plato?

Step 1: Log in to iSchool,ple.platoweb.com
Step 2: Click on the “Assignments” tab in the top left hand corner
Step 3: Click the red and white “PDF” icon under the “reports” column

Note: must have Adobe Reader installed on your computer.

Are the pre-tests important?

YES!  The better you score on each unit pretest, the more work can be EXEMPT on your required coursework.  

What does the blue “e” icon mean?

The “e” means that you are EXEMPT from completing work for that specific module. Continue on and work on items not marked with an “e”.

My mastery test is locked, how can I unlock it?

Step 1: To unlock a mastery test, go through the ENTIRE tutorial for that specific module.
Step 2: You have 5 tries before the test locks permanently-- Contact your iSchool instructor.

Off-line Activities -- Do I have to do them?

YES!  All material in Off-line Activities is fair game and can be testable topics found in the final exam.

I’m at 70%, How do I schedule my Final Exam?

Step 1:  Email your iSchool instructor with your progress report attached
Step 2:  Include 3 possible dates you are available to test.

Where can I go if I need assistance or a place to work?

The Plato Computer lab at (EMH/OHS) is open during Summer School hours.  You can get help from your iSchool instructors or just have a place to work in the mornings.

I have a class with multiple assignments (i.e. Default Art, Default Math, etc), how do I know if I’m at 70% completion?

Get to 70% completion in EACH ASSIGNMENT (Unit 1, Unit 2, Unit 3).

 I was dropped from iSchool, what do I do?

Come to the Summer School office and re-enroll in the iSchool Program. Remember, you will be dropped from your course if you fail to complete work.