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Orange LIVE! (Learning through Interactive Virtual Education) classes provide students with opportunities to experience a technology-rich learning environment, gain graduation credits, and enroll in classes that might be otherwise unavailable.

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Begin your online class with an online training unit on how to use OUSD's online tools and succeed in online classes (optional training classes face-to-face with an instructor are available)

  • Go to class anytime, anywhere via the Internet

  • View online electronic organizers that show you exactly what is expected in class

  • Complete assignments online with tools like PowerPoint, blogs, wikis, synchronous meetings with Elluminate and more
  • Track your progress by checking your grades online anytime you want

  • Interact with your classmates virtually and complete group work without having to arrange your schedules

  • Use online study tools that give immediate feedback so you know if you are understanding the material

  • Learn technology skills that you can use in other online and regular classes

  • Learn organization skills to help you in online classes in the future

2014-2015 OrangeLIVE! Classes

The following online classes are available to Orange Unified School District's students.
Click on the teacher's name to see an introductory video.
Algebra I X X X X X
Algebra II X X X X X
Geometry X X X X X
*AP Art History       X  
English 9 Honors       X  
**English 10 Honors       X  
English 10 X X X X X
English 11 X X X X X
English 12 X X X X X
Gov/Economics X X X X X
US History X X X X X
World History X X X X X
Chinese I X X X X X
Spanish I X X X X X
Spanish II X X X X X
Spanish III X X X X X
Environmental Science X X X X X
Health X X X X X
Biology         X
Freshman Seminar X X X X X
Psychology X X X X X
Web Design X X X X X
Marketing and Society X X X X X
International Business X X X X X
Global Marketing X X X X X
Veterinary Science X X X X X
*   Blended class that meets 3 times a week during 0 period
** Blended class that meets the first 2 weeks of school and as needed by teacher

Click here to see if Orange LIVE! is right for you

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