Principal's Prologue

At Santiago Middle School we are focused on excellence. This school year we have set a few critical goals that we believe will make us one of the elite middle schools in all of Orange County. Our diverse educational setting and population allows students of many different ethnic backgrounds to merge and grow in all aspects including cultural understanding, acceptance of others, and academic excellence. Our commitment to academic excellence has shown in our test results the past two years and we believe will show again this year. We are targeting our students who are not yet proficient in core subject areas while continuing to challenge those students who are proficient with high expectations! We employ rigor and relevance in the classroom every day. Our plan is to require that each student that is not yet proficient in their core subject areas receive support classes in addition to their regular curriculum classes with a particular focus on Math and English Language Arts.

We are committed to all students with emphasis on the following:

  1. Safety! All students are safe and well cared for while they are at school by getting to know our students and families as individuals. We have an administrator at the cross street in front of the school every morning and every afternoon making sure students arrive and leave school safely each and every day. We have a partnership with local law enforcement to help educate students and families on safety issues such as anti-bullying, internet safety, gang prevention programs, attendance, and overall good choices. Safety will always be our top priority as we know you as parents are entrusting us with your most valued gift…your children.
  2. Academic Excellence! Each and every child will learn at Santiago and learn at a high level. If your child is in advanced classes we will challenge them to continue to grow and learn at the highest possible level in our honors and advanced classes. If your child is not yet at the advanced level, we will support them in multiple ways to elevate them to the proficient level and beyond by offering and in some cases requiring them to attend classes that will focus on their particular area of need. We use a data program that allows us to recognize what state standards your child is struggling to master and we then design lessons in our support classes to concentrate on those areas. In January we will offer the services of the Parent Institute which is an organization that teaches parents about high school and college readiness for their children.
  3. Opportunity! At Santiago we offer students an opportunity to participate in international travel with annual educational tours. This year we are going to Costa Rica over spring break! We also have Science Olympiad, a science fair, academic decathlon, Jog-A-Thon, and STRIVE assemblies which focus on developing strong character and community service. We have an elective wheel that allows our students to take three different electives each year and explore their individual interests with programs that other schools no longer offer such as:

a) Woodshop
b) Home Economics
c) Public Speaking/Speech
d) ASB/Student Leadership
e) Drama
f) Choir
g) Band
h) Art
i) Chinese/French/Spanish

Mr. D'Agostino 2012

We are confident that your child is receiving a first class education here at Santiago and we thank you for your continued support and partnership with us. Together we will continue to make huge academic gains in an environment that is safe, fun, diverse, and inspirational for all!