Parking Lot Safety

Please help to keep our students safe!

The following guidelines and traffic patterns have been established to help keep students safe and minimize traffic gridlock when dropping off and picking up students.


The faculty parking lot is for staff parking ONLY-no student drop off.

Please pull all the way forward when entering the drop off area-Don't leave gaps between cars.

The guest parking lot is for parking ONLY-no student drop off.

If you are parking in the cafeteria lot, please escort your student to the curb.

If you drop off on Rancho Santiago Blvd., please do so along the field.


After school walkers go across the athletic field and out the back gates.

Pick up should be in front of the school or along the athletic field fence on Rancho Santiago Blvd.

Please be respectful of our neighborhood.

Please do not park on Walnut Street as it disrupts traffic flow.