Uniform Policy and Dress Code Expectations

The Santiago uniform consists of uniforms purchased from the approved vendor, J & M Promotions.

Uniform options include the following:
  • Santiago Polo Shirt
  • Pants, Capris, Shorts
  • Shorts cannot be altered (rolled up or hemmed). If a child has shorts that are altered,it will be addressed by administration with the student. Pants that are too tight or loose will be addressed in the same manner.
  • A long sleeved, Santiago uniform navy shirt may be worn under polo shirts
  • A polo shirt must be worn under sweatshirts and jackets
  • Earned STRIVE and club shirts may be worn on designated days only

All clothing must be:
  • Appropriately sized
  • Neat, clean, and free of tears
  • Unaltered

  • Closed toe and heel shoes (boots are not acceptable)
  • Socks must be school appropriate. School administration will address inappropriate issues with individual students on an as needed basis.

P.E. clothes are to be purchased from the approved vendor and are to be worn only during P.E. class. P.E. clothing may not be worn under the regular uniform.

Parents in doubt about acceptable styles, haircuts, hair color, or jewelry are advised to check with administration before taking action. Any accessories or body art shall not distract from the learning environment. Piercing is limited to ears. Makeup and jewelry must be appropriate and not a distraction.

It is important to anticipate every new style, trend, or haircut. The items not addressed above will be dealt with on an individual basis by the administration. Pride in one’s appearance is important in fostering a positive attitude toward school and others. Parent and student support for dress code policy is critical in the promotion of safety, respect, and responsibility on the Santiago campus.

Visit J & M Promotions for school academic attire at J & M Promotions.