Local Control Accountability Plan
California Elementary

School Profile
Principal: Dr. John Albert

Enrollment: 691

Grades: K-5

School Mission

California's mission is to provide active learning in a safe environment to meet the needs of our diverse families, recognizing the unique value of each student through our relentless efforts (Whatever It Takes), various resources, and the use of research based instructional strategies.

Principal's Message

Welcome to California Elementary School. We are dedicated to serving our students with high quality educational experience. With an excellent staff, commitment to helping every child succeed and strong parent support, our school's goal is to ensure that all students have a successful academic journey.

At California Elementary School, our staff focus on doing "Whatever it takes" to meet the unique needs of every student.  Our teachers review various data and  implement intervention programs to close the achievement gap.  Higher level thinking skills are used to further challenge our high achieving learners. Teachers use research based instructional strategies to meet the needs of our English Language Learners and socioeconomically disadvantaged students.  Furthermore, parents are believed to be a key component of their child's success and thus kept consistently informed of academic progress and various parent trainings to best help their child.

Through our relentless effort, we hope to develop well rounded citizens that are compassionate, empathetic, responsible and self disciplined in the 21st Century.

Dr. John Albert