Panorama Elementary

School Profile
Principal: Kathryn Martin

Enrollment: 432 

Grades: K-6

School Mission

Mission: The Mission of Panorama Elementary School is to prepare our students in the 21st century by providing all students with the skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary to reach their potential and effectively function as contributing members of society within the context of a rapidly changing world.

Vision: We at Panorama Elementary will not rest until all students are provided access to learning at their instructional level so that they will achieve academic excellence in a positive, supportive, and collaborative environment. Panorama Elementary is dedicated to maximizing the social, emotional and academic achievement of each and every student in a safe and orderly environment. Panthers’ CARE (Courtesy, Achievement, and Responsibility for Everyone) reminds each Panther the importance of exuding our Panther Pride at all times. Go Panthers!

Principal's Message
For the latest message from Mrs. Martin, please visit her page on Panorama's site by clicking here.

principal Kathryn Martin