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A California Distinguished School 2010, 2014

logoCalifornia Gold Ribbon School 2016

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Serrano Elementary
17741 Serrano
Villa Park, CA 92861

(714) 997-6275


Serrano Elementary

School Profile
Principal: Ashley Pedroza

Enrollment: 608

Grades: K-6

School Colors: Burgundy and Gold

School Mission

“Serrano Elementary School provides all students with a positive and challenging learning environment to foster the skills, knowledge and attitude to become responsible and productive citizens.”

Principal's Message

Welcome to Serrano Elementary School.  We have exciting plans to challenge every child to be a productive, successful student.  Serrano celebrates this year the honor of being selected “A California Distinguished School”.  The exceptional ability of the staff, parent support and student success all worked together to earn this award.  Also, Serrano Elementary recognizes 40 years of school success this year, 1964 -2004.  We are very proud of our school programs and invite you to be involved.  Please visit our classrooms, school office, library, new lunch area, amphitheater and playground areas.  There is a spirit of friendship and cooperation we want to share with you.  Good communication is the key to learning for everyone.  Our objective is for all students to succeed.  As we work to support our children I ask you to be a “Partner in Learning”.  Through generous contributions of our Serrano Foundation and  PTA, all classrooms are able to communicate through e-mail and utilize the Blackboard community site. 

Additionally, I will make every effort to be accessible and available to you and your children.  Daily, I have set aside “Office hours for Parents” from 1:30- 2:00 to return your calls, update the Blackboard site with information or schedule appointments.  Throughout the year, we promise to continually evaluate our progress and we hope through good communication we will learn and grow together.

Our school focus continues to be “Reading and writing with understanding and purpose.”  We will  emphasize reading in all subject areas for greater comprehension.  All students will continue to develop important writing skills in order to express themselves effectively.  The use of technology will continue to  support the classroom learning environment.

With the start of a new school year, I have the opportunity to remind myself of the importance of my commitment to the families of Serrano.  I believe that all children posses valuable talents and through these talents they will achieve success.  It is our challenge to build the necessary skills, nurture and provide encouragement through this journey.  I am certain that what we do makes a positive difference for Serrano students.  Our staff has a vision and created a plan that we believe will provide each of our students with the support they need.

We have provided this “Opening Bulletin” to build clear communication and to invite you to be an active member of your child’s school program.  Additionally, fourth, fifth and sixth grade students will bring home a plan for success that must be signed by parent, teacher and principal as a pledge to work together as a team.  Return the forms provided at the end of this packet to your child’s classroom by Monday.  We look forward to an exciting year of growth for your child.  Together we can make a difference in the lives of children.

Ashley Pedroza