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Coordinator: Janel Carpenter

Enrollment: 141

Grades: Preschool Through Secondary

School Colors: Purple and Light Gray

Canyon Hills is one of thirty-nine schools in the Orange Unified School District. The school opened in 1974. The school is located in the Anaheim Hills area next to Canyon High School.

Canyon Hills School is a school for approximately 90 special education students, ages 3 – 22 years of age. Students who are identified with moderate to severe disabilities are placed at Canyon Hills through the Special Education process. We have students who attend from all attendance areas within the Orange Unified School District.

We have a Workshop Teacher who helps prepare our students for the world of work and a Job Coach who takes our students, aged 16 and up, to work sites during the school day where they can practice job skills that will make them successful in the work environment.

All students have an Individual Educational Plan which is evaluated annually with the parents or caregivers for a review of the student’s present level of educational performance. A Tri-annual evaluation is completed every three years to determine whether the student continues to be a child with a disability. All students are a part of the state testing process and tested on the alternative test, the CAPA.

School Mission

Canyon Hills is a special education school for students of moderate to severe disabilities. At Canyon Hills School, the staff strives to educate and develop each individual to his or her fullest potential within the home, school, workplace and community setting. The staff encourages our students to have a positive attitude toward one’s self and life with an acceptance of each individual and his or her differences. Canyon Hills’ staff is committed to developing and implementing programs that will accomplish this goal.

Coordinator's Message

We are midway through another wonderful year at Canyon Hills. Students continue to grow and progress in a safe, nurturing environment. Our caring, professional staff enjoy being part of your child’s life each day.

Over the past few months, students have participated in a variety of school activities including a lively winter holiday celebration, hosted by the local Kiwanis club. Our Canyon Hills parent group provided the first annual Snow Day, where students had the opportunity to experience “snow” on campus. Students touched, tasted and played in manmade snow.

One of the community organizations that generously donates to our school is a local church youth group. Middle and High school aged students and their leaders provided an excellent dinner and entertainment for the annual Valentine’s Sweetheart Dance at Canyon Hills. Approximately fifty volunteers prepared and served dinner, provided music and encouraged Canyon Hills’ students out on the dance floor. Individual students were selected as the prince or princess to represent their class. This year’s king and queen were Steven Robles and Elizabeth Chavez.

School activities and field trips, made possible by your generous donations, offer an opportunity for students to utilize many practical skills in the areas of communication, socialization, and community integration. A focus at Canyon Hills is to encourage student communication. At school students use a variety of new technologies, including tablets, to support expressive language development.

We appreciate the teamwork from our Canyon Hills families as we join together to make a difference in the lives of our students.


Karen M. Hanson, Ed.D.
Program Coordinator
Canyon Hills School

principal Janel Carpenter