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Local Control Accountability Plan

Surplus Real Properties

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On May 26, 2016, the District’s Advisory Committee, formed pursuant to Education Code section 17388 et seq., submitted to the District’s Governing Board the “Report to the Governing Board” dated May 17, 2016 (“Report”) regarding the Killefer Annex Site.  The Report included the recommendation that the Southern Parcel be declared surplus and sold in its current state, and that the Northern Parcel not be declared as surplus. 

In order for the District to sell the Killefer Annex Site, in whole or in part, the Board would need to approve a resolution declaring the Killefer Annex Site surplus, authorizing a sale, and identifying the minimum bid price.  To date, the Board has taken no further action to sell the Killefer Annex Site or any portion of the site.  The District is not under contract to sell the Killefer Annex Site or any portion of the site.